​​“Take a hike with your friends or family – show them what inspires you.”

Yousuf Nejati
Restoration enthusiast - Boyds, Maryland

Yousuf Nejati has spent most of his life on farms. Growing up in Cleveland, Tennessee, he fondly remembers running around his grandparents’ farm, playing in the woods, chasing rabbits and splashing in streams.

Today he is embarking on a new career in conservation after interning and working at The Nature Conservancy in Maryland. While at The Nature Conservancy, Nejati has worked on the prescribed fire crew, restoration crew and stewardship crew on the Eastern Shore.

“Outdoor recreation and nature is a huge part of my life. I grew up on farms and spend as much time as I can rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and biking – anything that gets me outside. You learn so much being out in the woods that you wouldn’t learn being in the city,” says Nejati.

Nejati plans to continue to be an active voice for the conservation community by inspiring others and organizing and leading volunteer events and field trips.

“I use my outside voice to share my experiences and knowledge of the natural world with the rest of the world. So take a hike with your friends or family – show them what inspires you. Help open their eyes to what you see. From inspiration comes passion.” ​

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