​“Learn about issues like where your drinking water comes from.”

Van Wagner
Environmental science teacher - Danville, Pennsylvania

Van Wagner was born and raised in Danville, a small town on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. He is an environmental science teacher, a musician and an every day conservationist.

“I’m half ridge runner and half river rat,” says Wagner. “I grew up on Montour Ridge – locally known as Bald Top Mountain – where I spent every free moment as a child in the woods and creeks. I was also lucky to live close to the Susquehanna River where I learned to swim (or at least doggy paddle), fish, and canoe.”

Wagner says, for him, there is no better place for him and his family in the world than Danville.

Wagner’s wife and two children enjoy the woods and river just as much as he does and it is part of their everyday lives. “When asked where he would like to have his 5th birthday party, my youngest son picked a local state park (Ricketts Glenn) over theme parks and pizza parties. The woods and river are an ongoing and exciting experience for my family.”

Wagner and his family power their home with solar panels, grow a flourishing garden and raise chickens on their small mountain farm. But the beautiful natural resources that surround them are at risk. He worries about the quality of their drinking water that comes from the Susquehanna River.

“What do my sons drink? Thousands of us drink this water. Programs that help protect our lands and waters need to be funded to ensure the health of our natural resources now and for future generations. I encourage everyone to learn about issues like where your drinking water comes from. Use your outside voice and speak up!”

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