​“Someone has to speak for future generations.”

See what inspires Mike Monroe to speak up for nature.

Mike Monroe
Water district manager, father and hunter - Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee

In 2007, the Conservancy helped design and broker a deal protecting 127,000 acres on the Cumberland Plateau. This was made possible largely by funding from the federal Forest Legacy Program. But the future of the program, and the land deals it has long supported, are now in doubt.

If I don't, who will?

Native Tennessean Mike Monroe has lived most of his life near Knoxville, Tennessee, along the Cumberland Plateau. In his family, hunting is a way of life passed down from grandfather to father to son for generations, but he is worried that all of that may be changing.

“If we don't set aside big tracts of land [for public use], people like me and my son won't have a place to go and hunt. The days of large tracts available for [people to use] – those days are gone."

One of the places where he hunts now is in the process of being clear-cut and looks “like a moonscape. We've got to find ways to work together. People who aren't from here won't care. And you know what? People who are from here won't care because we're all so wrapped up in our own lives we don't have time to care. They should care, and they will when it hits their community. I didn't care about any other program until it hit my community.”

“I use my Outside Voice because if I don't, who will? Someone has to speak for future generations or they won't have [what they need.]”

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