​​​“It’s important to speak about what you believe in.”

See what inspires Malinda Chapman to speak up for nature.

Malinda Chapman
Community-college science professor and bird-watcher - Adirondacks, New York

The Conservancy has helped protect many parcels along Lake Champlain with funding from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. In the past 20 years, the act has conserved more than 26.5 million acres nationally — habitat relished by birders and hunters alike. Despite widespread support, Congress recently proposed cutting the program entirely.

Something to Share

As a community-college professor with four children of her own, Malinda Chapman is heavily invested in passing her knowledge and love of the outdoors to the next generation.

“I teach about plants and animals and the atmosphere and agriculture and environmental issues because I think people need to understand them. I have something to share.”

Living in the Adirondacks provides plenty of opportunity for Malinda to get out and share her knowledge and love for the land. “It's such an accessible wilderness,” she says, “so close to New York City and Montreal. But I worry that not enough people care about nature or the environment, and I want to help them make connections.

“It's important to speak about what you believe in. I'm a mom and I want to make sure my children have a beautiful place to raise their own children. I really am one of those people rooted to the land. I grew up around this area and can't leave in the month of May. I love to watch the progression of leaves coming out and spring returning.”

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I know that investing in conservation is the only way we can help keep America beautiful, strong, prosperous and healthy. I am proud to join a community of people who speak up for nature to help save the places we love.