​“It’s my duty to speak out and share my experiences and hopefully my story can make a difference.”

Larry Nolan
Volunteer TIS Support - TNC in Missouri

Larry Nolan became a member of The Nature Conservancy in 1991 after a week-long vacation visit to Pine Butte Ranch in Montana, a Nature Conservancy preserve; he began his volunteer work with the Conservancy in 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri. His love of nature and the outdoors has been with him since he was a young boy. “I became a Boy Scout at the age of eleven, that’s when my love of nature and being outdoors began. From swimming, camping, hiking, and canoeing on the Current River in the Ozarks of Missouri, I developed a deep appreciation for nature and love for being outdoors.”

Larry’s most vivid memories growing up were experiencing the beauty and pleasure that the Ozarks offered. With his curiosity of nature and his interest in the science that describes it, Larry is an inquisitive conservationist and outdoorsman.

“Spending a majority of my outdoors-time during my youth and adulthood on the Current River, being able to observe aquatic wildlife and the calm and comfort you get being in nature are just some of the reasons why conservation has become a major part of my life.”

Thinking about conservation today, Larry stresses the importance of regulation and involvement of local and national agencies to address the issues facing nature today. “The work that The Nature Conservancy does, along with help of governments, and individuals speaking out makes me believe that we will see improvement in the state of nature.”

Larry understands that not everyone grew up with access to nature like he had. He also recognizes that the trend in living patterns sees more families migrating from rural to urban living areas world-wide. “I use my outside voice because a lot of others don’t. Too many people don’t have a connection to nature, so it’s my duty to speak out and share my experiences and hopefully my story can make a difference.”

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