​“Everyone should use their voices, their bodies, their minds to take action on behalf of nature.”

Keith Schumann
Member of Team Nature and new father - Long Island, NY

Keith Schumann does not consider himself a runner. But he loves the ocean so much, he’s willing to run a marathon to help protect it.

“When I was growing up in Western Massachusetts, the only times I would get to see the ocean were visits to Cape Cod and they were usually few and far between,” he says. “So I cherished those occasions, the sound of the waves creating a relaxing peace in my mind.”

Since then, preserving the world’s oceans has taken on even more importance in Schumann’s life. In 2006, he celebrated his wedding day on the beach. And today, as a father of twin infant boys, he sees conservation as an obligation to his children.

“My love for the ocean never hit home as hard as when my two sons were born. As a parent, you're given a huge responsibility and you owe it to them to not only teach them good values but to also leave them a world that they can thrive in and help sustain for their children.”

To prove his commitment to nature, Schumann signed on to run the 2011 ING New York City Marathon with the Conservancy’s Team Nature. “I don't consider myself a runner,” he says. “But running a marathon is a life goal of mine and a way for me to use my outside voice on behalf of the oceans I love. It's a win-win. Everyone should use their voices, their bodies, their minds to take action on behalf of nature, because she can't do it all by herself. We owe it to her.”

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