​“I use my outside voice any chance to evoke action, transform attitudes, and spur real change.”

Ellen Eilers
Ohio State University Graduate - Clintonville, Ohio

From a young age Ellen Eilers has been exposed to nature, where she developed a love for being outside. Growing up Ellen and her family vacationed at Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio. A priority in her family was to experience all that nature had to offer. “There is nothing more comforting than being with your family surrounded by nature.”

Ellen’s interest in nature spans further than just visiting parks and vacationing. She has developed such a great love and respect for the environment that she decided to dedicate her life work to the preservation of nature. Ellen recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Natural Resources, specializing in Environmental Policy and Management from the Ohio State University. “I plan on dedicating my life to standing up for nature any chance I get.”

Ellen has always been an advocate of the preservation of the environment. “We need nature to exist. Humans depend on nature for everything. It provides the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. We simply will not survive without it. I also enjoy spending my free time in nature, admiring its pureness and beauty.”

Ellen is now working to earn her Masters in Environmental Social Science, and believes that educating the public, along with real exposure to nature are essential seeing substantial change in individual’s behavior. “Educating people is crucial. Unfortunately a lot of times education does not always work. You may tell someone something, and assume it had an impact, but no change occurs. Instead I believe the best way to get people to care more, is to get them outside. Make nature real to them. Show them that protecting it is a need, not a want. I use my outside voice at any chance to evoke action, transform attitudes, and spur real change.” ​

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