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Real People, Real Stories

Every day across the country, courageous people are speaking out for the natural world to protect their families, their communities and their livelihoods. Read real stories about how everyday people are using their outside voices to make a difference – then join our cause.

“There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” –Theodore Roosevelt, 1912

“I use my outside voice because if we can increase the amount of green space, nature has a better chance of thriving.”
Seventh Grader - Pennsylvania
“I use my outside voice any chance to evoke action, transform attitudes, and spur real change.”
Ohio State University Graduate - Clintonville, Ohio
“I use my outside voice because living in this unique valley is totally natural and amazing with all it has to offer!”
North East, Pennsylvania
“It’s my duty to speak out and share my experiences and hopefully my story can make a difference.”
Volunteer TIS Support - TNC in Missouri
“It’s important to speak about what you believe in.”
Community-college science professor and bird-watcher - Adirondacks, New York
“People are looking for places that retain a sense of character.”
Former Mayor of Palm Desert, California - Palm Valley, California
“We are profoundly connected to nature whether we know it or not.”
Student, Rice University - Houston, Texas
“Speak up for the importance of traditional lands.”
Native Hawaiian - Kahuku Ranch, Hawaii
“Everyone should use their voices, their bodies, their minds to take action on behalf of nature.”
Member of Team Nature and new father - Long Island, NY
“Learn about issues like where your drinking water comes from.”
Environmental science teacher - Danville, Pennsylvania
“Support all types of life – not just animals, not just land, but everything in between.”
Student - East Hartford, Connecticut
“Someone has to speak for future generations.”
Water district manager, father and hunter - Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee
“If you abuse the land, it’s not going to be here for the next generation.”
Retired farmer, county judge and avid boater - Crittenden County, Kentucky
“Take a hike with your friends or family – show them what inspires you.”
Restoration enthusiast - Boyds, Maryland
“Sometimes, conservation awareness can be raised simply by speaking up.”
New York City LEAF Intern - Queens, New York
“Sometimes the things that are most important are the things we take for granted.”
New York City LEAF Alumnus - Poughkeepsie, New York

Your Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. How are changes in your local wildernesses, parks and special places affecting you and your community? What special places do you think should be saved forever? What natural treasures do you value in your own community and want to pass on to the next generation? Share your story -- speak up for nature to help save the places we love!

Henry and Judith Bernard
We are retired and live and travel in a motorhome. We love our public lands and care deeply about the natural world around us that sustains us and all life on earth. We truly believe that all things are interconnected and share a common destiny. We cannot destroy "the Environment" without also destroying ourselves. We also believe that we do not have to live as "cavemen", without any of the benefits of modern technology. If we are willing to control our population and work with nature, taking what we need but not being greedy and wasteful, we should be able to thrive for thousands of years more on this awesome planet.
Kim Bradley
I love the forests, hill country, and coastline of Texas. Being in the great outdoors and seeing the beauty of the natural world keeps me centered. I am grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of animals, plants, and natural places, but I worry that one day many may disappear forever. Supporting The Nature Conservancy is one way I can help protect the things I love.
lopamudra Mohanty
john pasqua
valley center
all nature needs permanent protections now.
Kay Campbell
Guernsey, WY
I grew up in Wyoming with beautiful scenery surrounding me in every direction. My knowledge about animals, plants, clean water, clean air, has increased over the years. I have made it my personal interest to be involved in protecting the environment including plants, animals, water, air! Knowledge is a powerful tool and after 40 years of watching man "destroy" everything in his path, it is so rewarding to see other people taking up the cause and working to improve all aspects of our environment. Many times I wondered if I was the only ONE interested in protecting the planet--the support of folks working for the Nature Conservancy tell me otherwise. I love what "we all can do"!
john eschen
grand coulee
I don't have a story, that matters, to much. I see things, the way, Christ wants me to see them. I know things are changing, I can see it in the town I live in, how my tree's are reacting, to low moisture. Nature, reacts to many things. The high winds, feel like hurricane winds. Storms, are more common and closer to homes and towns. Some parts of the USA, are dead zones. If wall street gets there way, they will exploit all of nature. There are minerals, and other thing that wall street wants. And congress gives wall street the contracts to do the exploitation, of our natural resources. I say wall street has enough, there more then enough mines now. There is no real reason, all the money made off our natural resources, it does not get back to the ecomomy, it just makes rich men, richer. Men, for the last 100 years risk their very lives, to make wall street rich, and congress grow. Neither, cares what happens, even John Boehner wont discuss the environment. Why, he knows, who runs the companies that make the market go. The GOP, has much to lose, if the industrial complex loses. That is why the GOP won, they played weak, and they were playing low ball, but to the GOP, nothing is with in reason. As long as the 1%, and wall street, stay in power. My story is like yours, suirving nature, and man made disaster. Trying to hold accontable, those, who will destory human life and nature, for profit. In the end, Christ, will have the last laugh, DC and wall street can party it up, and have a good time, and act like every thing is fine. If the rich and congress and wall street think they will not be effected. The should look at the people of Buffalo NY, they are digging out of one storm, only to be hit with another. Kind of how it is today, we cannot predict what nature will do. The government, has been playing with nature, but they do not like the out come, of storms, they cannot control. Even the elders, are saying, they have never seen it like it is today, I am 20 years younger then they are, that must be saying some thing, if it is coming from the elders. Jesus, will cleanse this earth, it is not some thing we can do, we humans, were here to be stewards, and we failed nature, nature, didn't fail us. Have you ever seen Fantasia? That, is nothing, compared to what Christ can do. Until Jesus comes, we can either let the rich,wall street, congress keep destroying, or we can hold them up in court, and take out envirnmental killers in congress. The choice, is our.
Peggy Goldberg
We have incredible treasures in our springs and waterways here in Florida that are being destroyed by overpumping to feed the growing populations and golf courses, high nitrates from fertilizers from those golf courses , lawns and agriculture. We allow Consumptive Use Permits to anyone that applies with no restrictions on use later on... We have a Governor that destroyed the EPA, and gutted the Water Management district decision makers that were trying to make good environmental decisions. Business and money matter more than taking care of our water and our legacy. Once it is gone, there is no more.... We are working hard to save the Silver River, Rainbow Springs, Ichetucknee River, and so many more....Your children will never see what we saw just 30 years ago...Clear water, with schools of fish, and varied wildlife- now the water is green and covered in algae, 92% of fish are gone, nitrates are up over 3000%!!!
Jamie Ensign
Olathe, KS
Always been appreciative of everything around me, and included in my heart and soul are the skies, surroundings, nature and wildlife. I have two acres and wake up to my inspiration every morning by watching the sunrise through the unobstructed view of my property as wildlife wakes up and starts to sing. Thank you God.
william merriweather
birmingham, alabama
I would like to see Turkey Creek Nature Preserve saved and added more beauty. It is a wonderful preserve.
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