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Real People, Real Stories

Every day across the country, courageous people are speaking out for the natural world to protect their families, their communities and their livelihoods. Read real stories about how everyday people are using their outside voices to make a difference – then join our cause.

“There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” –Theodore Roosevelt, 1912

“I use my outside voice because if we can increase the amount of green space, nature has a better chance of thriving.”
Seventh Grader - Pennsylvania
“I use my outside voice any chance to evoke action, transform attitudes, and spur real change.”
Ohio State University Graduate - Clintonville, Ohio
“I use my outside voice because living in this unique valley is totally natural and amazing with all it has to offer!”
North East, Pennsylvania
“It’s my duty to speak out and share my experiences and hopefully my story can make a difference.”
Volunteer TIS Support - TNC in Missouri
“It’s important to speak about what you believe in.”
Community-college science professor and bird-watcher - Adirondacks, New York
“People are looking for places that retain a sense of character.”
Former Mayor of Palm Desert, California - Palm Valley, California
“We are profoundly connected to nature whether we know it or not.”
Student, Rice University - Houston, Texas
“Speak up for the importance of traditional lands.”
Native Hawaiian - Kahuku Ranch, Hawaii
“Everyone should use their voices, their bodies, their minds to take action on behalf of nature.”
Member of Team Nature and new father - Long Island, NY
“Learn about issues like where your drinking water comes from.”
Environmental science teacher - Danville, Pennsylvania
“Support all types of life – not just animals, not just land, but everything in between.”
Student - East Hartford, Connecticut
“Someone has to speak for future generations.”
Water district manager, father and hunter - Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee
“If you abuse the land, it’s not going to be here for the next generation.”
Retired farmer, county judge and avid boater - Crittenden County, Kentucky
“Take a hike with your friends or family – show them what inspires you.”
Restoration enthusiast - Boyds, Maryland
“Sometimes, conservation awareness can be raised simply by speaking up.”
New York City LEAF Intern - Queens, New York
“Sometimes the things that are most important are the things we take for granted.”
New York City LEAF Alumnus - Poughkeepsie, New York

Your Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. How are changes in your local wildernesses, parks and special places affecting you and your community? What special places do you think should be saved forever? What natural treasures do you value in your own community and want to pass on to the next generation? Share your story -- speak up for nature to help save the places we love!

Suzanne Vinmans
Ron Harris
Wiscosin Rapids
I have worked as a volunteer on the Ice Age Trail in Portage County for over 20 years. Much funding for property acquisition and trail development comes from the Stewardship Fund. Cutting funding will almost halt further work on the Ice Age Trail. Several million dollars come into the state each year as a result of the presence of the trail--hikers, photographers, geologists, historians, archaeologists, and writers. We volunteers want to be proud of our state and such features as the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, not embarrassed at political pandering by our legislators to fiscal conservatism.
Kent Wimmer
Wildlife need protected corridors between conservation areas to expand their ranges and populations to ensure their survival in Florida. Funding from Amendment 1 should not be diverted to non-conservation uses such as water and sewage systems and stormwater clean up. The voters knew what they were voting for when 75% voted for Amendment 1 so the Legislature and Governor should respect the will of the people and not be dedicated to by the lobbyists of industry, business and polluters.
dave stevens
Save the everglades from invasive species. Clean up and protect all waterways. Protect bears, panthers, and manatees through controlled growth and not allowing construction to get out of control, especially in environmentally sensitive areas. Don't allow pollititions to waste money set aside for the environment. Make them accountable for everything they do.
Gary Jordan
I want to know why they are even thinking of a bear season in Florida. It is not the bears fault or their over population that is driving them to area that have been taken over by humans that can'buy such things bear proof containers for their garbage.
Sheryl McNichols
Jacksonville, FL
I support the efforts of the St. Johns Riverkeeper in advocating for the protection of the St. Johns and preserving the beauty and health of this waterway, the center of our community.ll
Sheryl McNichols
Jacksonville, FL
Mike Lewis
This is a test
Rita Fonseca
Cascais, Portugal
I now live in Seminole, Florida The Gulf Beaches in Pinnelas County - being damaged by so much construction and buildings on top of the beach/sand. Horrifying. Quality of life even for tourists is in degradation. Someone is making a lot of money at the expense of nature destruction and our local habitats. They do not keep a healthy balance, in the lure of the money. I left my hometown, a beach town in Portugal, for the same reasons, so much the so called development turning the place into a dormitory, cement buildings, but at least there, they are not on the beach side, but across the street, here in these gulf beaches areas,is like you go to the beach and lost all the beautiful sightseeing. Just give it exclusively to the owners of apartments built on the sand, with beach this fair or reasonable? NO! And they keep crazy.
J Schomaker
As a tour guide I open the eyes of 8th graders to the wonders of Washington DC! I hope the trip leaves a lasting impression on them when as they get older. Our country's history, beautiful lands, pristine waterways, wildlife, cultures and treasures from the past represent who we were and are!We are all interconnected. They need to be preserved, enjoyed and appreciated! Thank you The nature Conservancy!
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I know that investing in conservation is the only way we can help keep America beautiful, strong, prosperous and healthy. I am proud to join a community of people who speak up for nature to help save the places we love.